Values and Principles



We are committed to upholding a set of values and principles that inform every aspect of our operations.


We use the same intelligence cycle as British government intelligence agencies, which includes questioning and triangulating our sources and rigorously interrogating our analysis and advice to verify its authenticity.


We prioritise adaptability in fast-paced and dynamic environments, by drawing on a diverse set of tools to address different tasks or challenges as circumstances change that require us to adapt at pace.


As the well-known Latin proverb goes: “Fortuna audaces iuvat.” or ‘fortune favours the bold.’ This idea is so central to our ethos that we’ve made it our name: ‘Audere,’ which translates to ‘to dare, act boldly, risk, intend, and be prepared.’ With the right resources, skills, and determination, our team is prepared to act as pathfinders in uncharted territory and to ask and answer the most difficult questions.


We embrace creativity to optimise opportunities, mitigate threats, and think innovatively. Leveraging our experience and knowledge, we find solutions and deliver penetrating insights to empower clients’ decisions.


We work for clients who are committed to operating ethically in an often ruthlessly competitive world. For our part, we uphold the highest standards and practices and take ownership of our work and responsibility for our advice, working within legal guidelines of the operating jurisdiction.


We pride ourselves on our unique source network, our analysis and our deliverables. Reports are concise, clearly presented and our analysis anticipates the client’s natural question: ‘So what?’


Audere emphasises listening and absorbing critical information, which includes subjective nuance as well as empirical data. As the ears and eyes of our clients, we respond to our environment empathetically and with sensitivity.


Our business is based on long-term relationships both with our clients and sources. Our integrity is one of the core pillars of the business, instilling trust by being honest and realistic and by protecting sensitive and confidential information.

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Audere International provides clients with actionable, source-based commercial intelligence and undertake highly complex investigation assignments.


 Audere Securus provides intelligence-led security services and support to enable clients to operate safely and securely in complex, opaque and potentially high-risk environments.

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