Other Assets



In addition to our exceptional team, Audere possesses four key assets that empower us to uncover concealed information and operate effectively in challenging environments:

Source Network

We have nurtured enduring and well-established relationships across various jurisdictions, encompassing the offshore financial sector, governmental bodies, security services, and other entities with access to industry-specific insights.


Audere maintains exclusive and discreet partnerships with leading global firms specialising in physical and cyber security, as well as analysis.


Audere has invested in highly sophisticated data mining and analytical technology.

Global Presence

Audere maintains a number of representative offices worldwide. See below.

Contact Map
  • London (HQ)
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  • Mumbai, India
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  • Kyiv, Ukraine
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  • Tallinn, FSU, and Eastern Europe
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  • Dubai, MENA
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  • Singapore, South/Southeast Asia
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  • Tokyo, East Asia
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  • New York/Washington
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  • Lagos
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