Alan’s deep business experience in complex growth markets, especially in Asia. Early in his career, Alan acted as Strategy Director of United Distillers, CEO of Piersons (a division of Courtaulds Textiles), as a banker with SG Warburg and a member of the Policy Unit at 10 Downing Street. Alan co-founded ECube Investment Advisors, offering ESG […]
Whit founded and edited the English editions of Russia newspapers in Novosibirsk and Vladivosok in the early 1990s and was a journalist and researcher in Hong Kong, Sarajevo, Seoul, Istanbul and Kosovo. Whit has spent the last twenty years advising prime ministers, generals, ambassadors and UN peacekeeping missions on the intersection of conflict and communications. […]
Having first served in the region as an Army officer with the peacekeeping force in the Sinai in 1984, Jamie has nearly forty years’ experience in the Middle East. His diplomatic career included postings in Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Washington, as well as being the British Ambassador in Bahrain, Oman and Chile. Jamie […]
James has spent over 40 years managing a complex range of security and intelligence risks around the world. After graduating from Oxford University in 1980, he travelled widely across Soviet-occupied Afghanistan with the Mujahideen. He served in the British embassies in Lima and Islamabad; was CEO of an investment bank in Karachi; Iraq country manager […]
Sir Tony Brenton served two tours in the British embassy in Moscow, including as UK Ambassador 2004-8. He oversaw the British Embassy in Washington DC throughout the Iraq war and also dealt with the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident and the establishment of the International Criminal Court. Since leaving the Foreign Office, Sir Tony been […]
Lady Olga has over 35 years’ experience in security and governmental activities important to business. As a Member of Parliament from 1992 – 1997, Lady Olga specialised in defence and security issues. She founded and is president of the Defence and Security Forum, an influential foreign affairs and defence think tank. Lady Olga has been […]

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